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The Process

Our Development Process

ADDIE Approach

We combine User Centred Design with the ADDIE approach – Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate to help us deliver your elearning content.


The output from this stage is twofold. Typically, we produce a template, with a menu and buttons incorporating the corporate colour scheme and branding. 

We also produce a storyboard showing how the learning material will be composed, together with all the user interactions that will be implemented in the final product.


We look at websites, presentations and marketing material to allow us to tailor the design to your existing branding. 

We work with your subject matter experts where applicable to deliver the best content possible.

What's right for you

This project approach is dynamic and changes with every client, Have the storyboards and a template already? No problem, we work with the content you have and only implement stages necessary to the project at hand.

Step 1
  • Who are the target audience? 
  • What are the stakeholder requirements? 
  • Analyse branding guidelines or current material
Step 2
  • Story board your content
  • Generate a range of designs
Step 3
  • Create the course assets and content
  • Develop interactions and course structure
  • Gather feedback from the client
Step 4
  • Publish and upload to the clients platform
  • Carry out Beta testing with selected test  group
  • Gather feed back  from test groups
Step 5
  • Observe and analyse the course and its effect on the workplace or application
  • Apply this data and make revisions as necessary 

The Agile Approach


The Software


 Adobe Captivate offers advanced interactions and powerful development tools which help us build layered and engaging learning content.


Articulate Storyline offers smart design with easy to use tools and templates to allow for fast development with outstanding results with freedom to create individual design and identity.   

evolve authoring

Evolve is an intuitive tool for quickly building powerful eLearning content.

Pure HTML5, responsive everywhere.

Perfect for development of multiple courses efficiently.

Articulate rise

“Build once for all devices”

Rise is inherently responsive and utilises the latest web technologies to adapt your courses for every device. 

Cloud Storage

We utilise Dropbox to transfer and backup your courses. You would have 24/7 access to your assets and progress builds stored in your secure account.

Online review tools

Review my eLearning is the online review tool that allows you to log in and view, comment and approve edits all in one place.  Track review cycles, upload edits and set email notifications. 

Adobe Creative Suite

Our developers are experienced in using the Adobe Creative Suite to create stunning assets for your courses. 

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UCPS eLearning respect our clients confidentiality. As such most of our work falls under NDA. Click the link to view some ‘Fun’ work that does not break our client agreements. Or alternatively contact us directly for further examples                                          

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Get the lowdown on DIY course authoring options today

Want to build your own courses and confused about the options out there? Find a detailed platform comparison here…


Get the lowdown on DIY course authoring options today

Want to build your own courses and confused about the options out there? Find a detailed platform comparison here…

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