Software Simulation

Unlock your training and marketing potential with software simulation

Why Software Simulation?


The learner can investigate and explore functions in the safety of the virtual environment. 

Walk through

The user can walk through the software at their own pace as many times as needed. 

Virtual tour

Guide your learners through the correct techniques and uses of the software and develop skills quickly.


Allow the learner to apply the skills they have learned in unguided assessments and simulations of the software and act on those results. 

Software simulations are the ultimate training and marketing tool.

Emulate software

Allow users to play with the system and discover its features or create guided learning where users navigate through a series of predefined tasks in order to gain understanding of how the system works in a safe environment.

SCORM integration

Integrate your software simulation into a LMS and track, grade and review staff or student results. 

Digital distribution

Sales and marketing can distribute a sample or demo version of their products to their customers, allowing them to gain familiarity with your product and understand how it will work in their environment.

Unlimited users

Allow an unlimited number of users to gain ‘hands on’ experience without having to purchase large amounts of hardware or pay for lots of software licenses.

The Software


 Adobe Captivate offers  screen capture tools to generate triggers as you run through the software, allowing fast development of software simulation.


Articulate Storyline offers easy to use and configurable triggers and variables to help build your software simulation.  With powerful template  tools your course can be developed fast and efficiently. 

Cloud Storage

We utilise Dropbox to transfer and backup your courses. You would have 24/7 access to your assets and progress builds stored in your secure account.

Online review tools

Review my eLearning is an online review tool that allows you to log in and view, comment and approve edits all in one place.  Track review cycles, upload edits and set email notifications.

Adobe Creative Suite

Our developers are experienced in using the Adobe creative suite to create stunning assets for your courses. 

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