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Looking to move your content online?
Looking to get expert technical help?
Looking to outsource your content development?
Looking to supplement your existing team?

Do you have a tight deadline to meet on a project? Need some expertise with a particular authoring tool?

Are you looking to turn your face to face training into engaging and purposeful online learning or perhaps blended learning?

Then outsourcing your content development could be what you need.

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We are always interested in finding solutions to support your project goals. We believe that clear, straightforward communication is key in supporting you to achieve this. We have lots of experience of producing courses for different industries and subjects.

We’ll have a discussion with you to better understand your company’s specific needs and training vision. Armed with this knowledge we can create an online learning solution to match your company’s business and organisational values.

We’ll bring our insight and knowledge of eLearning development as well as use a wide range of delivery mechanisms to create a purposeful learning experience for your user.

We believe eLearning provides a valuable and effective training solution. 

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