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eLearning is a broad term to describe the process of learning through the use of digital content. This could be instructional videos, interactive courses or software simulations. For us it is the combined use of many digital elements, to create a full package for a learner to interact with and learn from. It can also be used for Blended Learning, that combines your face to face training with online training activities, where the online learning materials are used to support face-to-face training. Such as, asking the learner to watch an online training video or complete an online scenario before attending face to face training. 

eLearning can be a powerful tool and offers a range of benefits over traditional training options, allowing for a global reach and asynchronous or synchronous learning. Most eLearning offers mobile device support and the ability to track your learners through an LMS (Learning Management System).

Our Development Process

ADDIE Approach

We combine User Centred Design with the ADDIE approach – Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate to help us deliver your eLearning content.

design-Sketching-sketch-Graphic design


The output from this stage is twofold. Typically, we produce a template, with a menu and buttons incorporating the corporate colour scheme and branding. 

We also produce a storyboard showing how the learning material will be composed, together with all the user interactions that will be implemented in the final product.



We look at websites, presentations and marketing material to allow us to tailor the design to your existing branding. 

We work with your subject matter experts where applicable to deliver the best content possible.

What’s right for you?

This project approach is dynamic and changes with every client, Have the storyboards and a template already? No problem, we work with the content you have and only implement stages necessary to the project at hand.

Step 1
  • Who are the target audience? 
  • What are the stakeholder requirements? 
  • Analyse branding guidelines or current materials
Step 2
  • Story board your content
  • Generate a range of designs
Step 3
  • Create the course assets and content
  • Develop interactions and course structure
  • Gather feedback from the client
Step 4
  • Publish and upload to the clients platform
  • Carry out Beta testing with selected test  group
  • Gather feed back  from test groups
Step 5
  • Observe and analyse the course and its effect on the workplace or application
  • Apply this data and make revisions as necessary 
design-Sketching-sketch-Graphic design

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